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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do the extensions last?

Lash extensions can last indefinitely with regular refills. Depending on your lash cycle, refills are recommended every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking their best. Those who look after their lashes tend to keep them the longest!

2. How long is each appointment?

Initial appointments will require approximately 60-150 mins depending on the type of "set" you have selected. Refills usually takes 30- 90 mins, depending on which 'Refill' is chosen.

To maximise your lashing time, please arrive to your appointment ON TIME and with CLEAN lashes. Maree only allocates 5 mins for cleaning. Any time delay or extra cleaning needed with run into your lashing time, essentially you will have less lashes applied.

3. Can you refill my lashes from another salon?

I am unable to offer refills on work from another technician. I offer a guarantee (conditions apply) on my own lashes and it is impossible to monitor when it will become a mixed set. However, I do offer a free removal if you wanted to book a full new set with me

4. What if i get an allergic reaction?

Some people can be allergic to either an ingredient in the adhesive (cyanoacrylate) or the eye pads. This is something that we wont know until we try. You may request a skin sensitivity test beforehand (note: costs applies for an additional appointment).

Allergic reactions can happen straight away or can flare up within 48 hours post treatment. In these cases, please notify the salon immediately and a free removal will be offered. Unfortunately no refunded will be given as the full service has been rendered.

Also, it is known that a client who had lash extensions for months or years may not initially have any reactions but can develop and allergy to the adhesive later on. Unfortunately once you are allergic to the adhesive, chances are you will be allergic to most brand of lash adhesive. If you are unsure, send the salon a text we we can discuss further.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the tattoo last?

Feather Stroke brows can last upwards of 6 months to even 2 years. Factors can included skin type, general lifestyle, exposure to sun, medication/skin products.

2. How long are the appointments?

Generally speaking, consultations appointments are 30 mins, initial procedure appointment are up to 3hrs, touch up appointments are up to 2hrs.

3. Does it hurt?

Applying numbing cream before your appointment will provide the most comfort for your procedure. (Refer to Pre-Procedure Guidelines on this page)

Every person's pain threshold and response to numbing is different therefore everyone's experience will be different. Some may be more sensitive while others feel nothing at all. For those with lower pain tolerance, some discomfort may be felt at the beginning (on a scale of 1-10, usually a 0-3),  and it should only last about 1 minute per brow until mid procedure numbing may be applied. What you feel during the procedure can be likened to a rough eyeliner pencil or brow tweezing. 

4. Can I wear make up?

Following the procedure you can wear make up as usual however you cannot apply make up over your brows until they have fully healed (7-14 days). Everywhere else is ok.

5. Is there any down time?

This is a minor procedure and should not affect your ability to go to work. However, the healing stage can be noticeable therefore people who want to be very discreet may need to strategically plan their appointments around work/social events. Refer to Healing & Aftercare section on this page.

6. Is it safe?

With proper hygiene and sterilisation, permanent make up is very safe. We use industry best practices and use fully disposable needles and casings and all disposable cups. Any dispensed pigment will also be disposed. We comply with the Australian Infection Control standards and we are a fully registered premises or skin penetration and beauty treatments with the council.