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Vivid Lash & Brows Classic Lashes

Vivid Lash & Brows has a unique way of creating their  Classic WET Lashes to feel lighter and last even longer than the traditional Classics Lashes. Different fibres and a more advanced technique of placement (compared to the traditional Classics) are used to achieve this. It creates fluffier, softer tips while keeping them looking as full or as natural as you like!

They still create the same natural 'Classics' look but with the added benefits! Look typically compares to 1-2 coats of mascara however can be amped up to look darker like 3-4+ coats. Please specify your request.     

 Master Artist                 

Classic WET Full Set $200    
Refill 30min                $60      
Refill 50min                $95      
Refill 70min                $115    



Vivid Lash & Brows Hybrid & 2D Lashes

Combination of Classic and Russian Volume application creating a wispy/textured look. Fuller than Classic Look, less dense than RuVol Look. Compares to 2-4 coats of mascara.    

Master Artist                    

Hybrid Full set   $220      
Refill 30min       $60       
Refill 50min       $95           
Refill 80min       $135      



Vivid Lash & Brows Russian Vol Lashes
Adds more VOLUME to your lashes yet still feeling super light and fluffy. RuVol lashes also lasts longer than other applications. Can be tailored to look as natural as 3 coats of mascara (3D) or as dramatic as 8 coats (8D)! We create fans anywhere from 3D-8D to suit your desired look yet always keeping in mind the weight limit  to ensure the health of your natural lashes.
   Master Artist                 
RuVol Full Set   $250     
Refill 30min       $60       
Refill 50min       $100       
Refill 80min      $140      


Adds Drama, Volume and Density to your lashes. This technique creates a dark and shadowy look. Using the lightest lashes in the industry, and a super intricate technique, fans of up to 14D creates a dramatic look without compromising on weight. Mega Vol provides the best longevity, even longer lasting than RuVol! Mega Vol is not for the faint hearted and special consideration is always given to the weight limit

    Master Artist                                               

Mega Vol Full Set   $295                       
Refill 30min            $80
Refill 50min            $120                  
Refill 80min            $160



Vivid Lash & Brows
Lash Removal               $30
Lash Lift & Tint              $120 TRAINING SPECIAL Only $60, Limited time.

Condition of Refills:

  •  We regret that we cannot offer refills from other salons. Please book for a removal with your Full Set.
  • Client must have at least 25% extensions remaining AND within 5 weeks of last refill to avoid Full Set charge.



 Vivid Lash and Brows - Brows Price


(Currently only servicing existing clients or new clients via referral)

New Procedure            $650 
Nano Feather Brows    $650   
Ombre /Powder Brows  $650  
Nano Combo Brows      $650  
Touch Up                       $100
Annual Refresh From   $380 
Consultation 30min       $50      *Redeemable from procedure​

*Touch Ups only Valid within 8 weeks of last session
PLEASE NOTE: numbing  agents are not included in the fee 
    ALL Prices Subject to change without notice. Expiry 31/12/24